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Yongkang Yobo Industrial Trade Co. Ltd. is located in Chinese hardware - Yongkang, founded in 2010, is a collection research and development, production and sales of high-tech products company.
The company has brought a series of high-tech products to people in accordance with the concept of pioneering, fashion innovation and people-oriented science and technology. With the rapid development of the city, the economic level has been continuously improved.
Urban traffic congestion and environmental pollution are becoming increasingly severe.
Our company for the above the establishment of special professional departments, through research and development for two years, started production of Yebe electric self balance car in March 2014.
Yebe electric self balancing vehicle technology from Silicon Valley in the United States, with Germany's technology, improved by professional R & D team of our company has been constantly upgrading, multi project balance car patent technology.
Careful market research is our grasp; advanced concepts, high tech is Yebe confidence.
Yebe since the first generation of electric car balance he will launch a small fashion, convenient, economical, environmentally safe and highly fanatical obsession of young consumers.
We believe in Yebe driven by electric self balancing vehicle to a certain extent instead of bicycles and electric vehicles as a new means of transportation is the development of fashion.
So, let's join hands to meet this new traffic revolution.