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Yongkang YOBO industry&trade co., LTD., located in China's hardware capital, yongkang, was founded in 2010. It is a high-tech production company integrating r&d, production and sales.

Since the first generation of YOBO electric self-balancing car, the company has been obsessed with young consumers with its small fashion, convenient speed, economical and practical, environmental protection and safety.

We believe that with the promotion of YOBO, electric self-balancing vehicles can replace bicycles and electric vehicles as the new means of transportation to a certain extent.

Advanced ideas and New technologies

YOBO electric self-balancing vehicle technology originates from silicon valley in the United States and USES German production technology

We are Expert in smart self-balancing scooters

The electric self - balancing vehicle is the development of the fashion trend of replacing bicycles and electric vehicles as the new means of transportation

6.5" Series8" Series9" Series10" SeriesSupport rod Serieschopper;Drifting carScootermillet

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